How to improve employee wellbeing in and out of the workplace?

As you join the workplace, you get engrossed so much in work that you forget about your personal wellbeing. This, in turn, affects your productivity at work and enthusiasm out of work. Research states that 85% of companies believe that employee wellbeing programs elevate employee engagement in and out of the workplace. 


When the company cares about their employee’s wellbeing, their happiness levels are increased, they feel better at work, work harder, and are more satisfied with their jobs! Not only that, but it also helps them become more regular at their work and maintain a healthy work-life balance. 


Let us delve deeper to understand the top 3 ways to improve employee wellbeing in and out of the workplace.


1- Give employees the flexibility they deserve


Employees feel more at ease when they are given some flexibility with respect to when to work, where to work and how to work. As far as the task is being completed, the greater level of choice to control how they can work provides them with peace of mind that results in an improvement in the employee’s wellbeing. An option to work from home for when days get tough and work from the office from when the days are dull along with flexible working hours result in higher productivity too! 


According to Daniel Pink ‘to be fully motivated, you must be able to control what you do, when you do it and who you do it with.’ He mentions how autonomy helps employees think creatively without conforming to rigid workplace regulations. Pink focuses on autonomy being the key to engagement at the workplace, along with mastery and purpose being the other important engagement drivers.  


2- Conduct wellness programs regularly 


Conducting wellness programs and activities majorly help employees take a break from work and focus on their mental and physical health. Fitness workshops, community service activities, and regular breaks enable them to improve employee wellbeing. Such activities allow them to connect with their peers outside of work and get to know them better, which enhances collaboration at work in the later stages. 


3- Keep a close eye on the workload of your team


All the work should be divided in a balanced way amongst all the team members. Everybody should be provided with the amount of work they can handle to avoid unnecessary mental stress. This results in an enhancement in the employee wellbeing and fulfilment in and outside their workplace. There are a few software that helps a manager track the team’s workload and assign them tasks accordingly. Avoid burnout before it turns into a breakdown!


The bottom line


Stress-free employees contribute immensely to the success of an organisation. As dedicated as they are to taking the company to new heights, it is also the management’s duty to look out for their employee’s wellbeing. Only when the employees are physically and mentally fit can they bring their best to work!