Why work-life balance matters

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Maintaining work-life balance is all about setting clear boundaries between your personal and professional lives without allowing any to encroach onto the other. Both are important, yet none should be neglected. Below are 4 reasons you should maintain a state of equilibrium and equally prioritise the many facets of life.

1. Improves mental wellbeing 

Intense workloads and immense amounts of pressure on a person can lead to stress and burnout. As weekly hours increase, so do feelings of depression, irritableness, and insomnia – a report published by the UK’s HSE department showed that work-related stress accounted for approximately half of the working days lost due to its lasting effects on physical health.

Mental fitness is just as important as physical fitness. Achieve a balance between your personal and work-life to build a healthier mindset and avoid a potential mental health crisis.

2. Better physical health

A healthy mind equals a healthy body. When you are doing mentally well, there are bound to be less sick leaves and absence from work.

‘Chronic stress’ conditions can lead to high blood pressure and disruptions in the immune system. A peer reviewed journal written by the IPD-Work Consortium and funded by the European Union, found that those who worked more than 55 hours per week had a 1.3 times higher risk of stroke than those who worked the standard 40 hours, and increased stress and physical inactivity were the main reasons for this. Exercise can greatly help reduce stress and increase self-efficacy – but that is only if you get the time to workout! 

3. Increases engagement and productivity at work

You might think you are contributing a lot to the office work by staying late, but if you’re already tired and overworked, the quality of your work will be poor, making the whole effort less productive.

When you create a balance between your work and life, you are likely to be more efficient, creative, and intrinsically motivated. It has been found that companies which provide a good work-life balance to their employees experience 25% less employee turnover.

4. Brings you success

Employers don’t like employees who have tunnel vision. Don’t let your life revolve around work – have unique interests out of it and develop skills that will make you rounded and valuable.

Years later, you don’t want to look down the line and regret spending all your time in the office. We’ve all heard the saying “money can’t buy happiness”, so maintain a well-rounded lifestyle  to live a happy and fulfilling life. 

How you can improve your team’s work-life balance 

Optimise your team’s sales performance with the help of Primely’s customised mental fitness training and workplace workshops. Primely will allow you to assess your team’s well-being and then design personalised routines to preserve employee well-being in high stress environments. 85% of companies which offer work-life balance programs report an increase in employee productivity. So, what are you waiting for?

Avail Primely’s exclusive mental fitness services and build a successful sales environment that is consistent and sustainable for the long-term.