What is Workplace Wellness & How to Promote it

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In an increasingly stressful world, it’s become more important than ever to promote workplace wellness and wellbeing. Unfortunately, the pressures of the sales environment, the modern-day lifestyle, and personal life struggles can often be overwhelming for employees and prevent them from fully excelling in their jobs. 

If you want to empower your team and prepare them for optimal performance, continue reading about the importance of workplace wellness and how to achieve it.  

What is Workplace Wellness and Why It’s Important?

Workplace wellness refers to any work environment activity promoting office wellbeing and nurturing employees’ mental health.

The Global Wellness Institute defines workplace wellness as:

“Any workplace health promotion activity or organizational policy designed to support healthy behaviour among employees and to improve health outcomes. Known as ‘corporate wellbeing’ outside the US, it can consist of diverse activities such as on-site health education/fairs; free medical screenings; health coaching…”

Workplace wellness is essential because a healthy work environment is a productive environment. With the pandemic causing crippling anxiety and unhealthy conditions, it’s become evident that we need to prioritise mental health more and focus on creating a positive workplace environment. Recent research shows that mentally healthy workplaces are just as essential to Australian employees as physically safe workplaces. However, there’s still a lot of work to be done to achieve the ideal conditions.

How to Achieve Workplace Wellness?

There are many ways to reduce tension at the workplace and create conditions for a successful sales environment. If you want to support your sales staff to the best of your ability, here are some practical tips for promoting workplace wellness.

  1. Get feedback from your employees – Before you start planning a workplace wellness program for your team, ask them for their thoughts on the topic. You’re all in this together, so remember always to keep them included when building a healthier environment; 
  2. Encourage team-building and connection – Keeping people together is vital, especially during these challenging times. Try to organise more quality time for your staff – be it online or offline – so they can feel more connected at work;
  3. Organize workplace workshops – With the right wellbeing tools and strategies, your sales team will be equipped with the necessary means to find what their work-life balance looks like. Attending workplace wellness workshops could help enhance your employees’ mental health, build a resilient environment, and improve business performance;
  4. Consider one-on-one coaching – Practicing mental fitness will look different for each employee, so one-on-one coaching sessions might often be more valuable. Coaching helps develop a personalized plan for overcoming challenges at work, becoming a high performer, and personally thriving at the same time;
  5. Assess and check back with the employees – Final assessment is equally essential for a more productive workplace, so check back with your sales team to understand the results of your workplace wellness program.

Final Thoughts

It’s common knowledge that working in sales is often stressful. And with the pandemic making abrupt changes in how we work, it’s become crucial to promote workplace wellness and improve mental health preservation. From low motivation to lack of interaction, working from home may have many negative impacts on your employees. But if you take the time to look after their mental fitness, you’ll come out of it even stronger and well-equipped for the challenges of tomorrow.    


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