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Sales Performance – The Key Drivers Behind Success

Top-notch sales performance drives revenue, establishes the brand, and maximises business revenue. Sales managers spend 90% of their time managing the aftermath of poor sales performance, which is why comparing sales activity against sales quotas and improving the processes proactively should be a high priority for all business leaders.  Improving Sales Performance   Clear Sales […]

How To Improve Sales Performance?

  What is the first line item in any P&L statement? If you thought (or said) -Sales/Revenue – then you’re correct ! Sales performance directly impacts your bottom line, therefore, identifying the loopholes in your sales approach and rectifying them is the key to enhancing profitability, customer experience and establishing your brand as an industry […]

Why is Mental Fitness in the Workplace Important?

One in five Australians has recently taken time off work because of stress, anxiety, or depression. The pressures, expectations, and deadlines of a workplace take a toll on mental health but like any other muscle, you can also strengthen the brain with effort.  Employers can promote mental fitness in the workplace by taking proactive action, […]

How to improve employee wellbeing in and out of the workplace?

As you join the workplace, you get engrossed so much in work that you forget about your personal wellbeing. This, in turn, affects your productivity at work and enthusiasm out of work. Research states that 85% of companies believe that employee wellbeing programs elevate employee engagement in and out of the workplace.    When the company […]